Introducing Fünf

Tell us about your brand

Fünf is a fair fashion streetwear brand based in Germany, raised and created with love on the island of gods, Bali in Indonesia. Fünf is owned by 2 German girls and an Indonesian guy. We met each other in 2017 during an internship in Bali and immediately became friends. After a more joke likely idea to start a brand for socks we decided to turn dreams into reality and produced our first collection in December 2018. To be socially and ethically responsible, supporting local family businesses in Bali has the biggest importance for us since we’ve started.
From that day our lives have slowly changed. We never expected our project to turn into such a big and important one within only a year – but here we are! For every item purchased Ocean Mimic pick up one kilo of trash!

funf clothing

We are creating our unisex streetwear collections aiming to reach young people who have a passion for good fashion.

Our first collection is inspired by the vibes of Bali, which spreads a feeling of easiness and freedom. Also, over time we created the idea to inspire ourselves by different places all over our wonderful planet. Long story short: Every collection is inspired by a special place for us like Bali (1st), Los Angeles (2nd) or Cape Town (3rd). Not only do we shoot in the selected country, but we also work together with local artists, models and photographer to create a worldwide community.

funf clothing

What makes your business sustainable?

It is of upmost importance that we are ethically and socially responsible to our manufacturers. We want to know their faces, who their loved ones are and what their story is. Therefore, we make sure that all of our products were made under fair working conditions with a fair wage and lots of love in Bali. None of our products are made under bad working conditions or high pressure or by someone who is forced to make them. We completely dispense with plastic for our packaging.

funf clothing

After searching for a while we are now working together with two different manufacturers and one smith:

1. Pak Adit, he has a family run business in Denpasar where our t-shirts, long sleeves and hoodies are sewn and screen printed by hand. He is an amusing guy with a passion for printing.

2. Yuli, produces our beanies, pants and belt bags in her own small manufacture in her house in Kerobokan. In there she is also living with her small family. We have known this cutie for a long time already and we love her always smiling face.

3. Santi, is our silversmith. With lots of love and effort she customizes our 925 silver rings in her own smithery in the north of Bali.

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