Junk in Your Trunks

Junk in Your Trunks

Tell us about your brand

Junk in your Trunks we make clothing from trash for the wonderful piece of garbage you are. AKA we make trunks from recycled plastic bottles, just for guys for now :)

junk in your trunks

We’re by no means the first sustainable brand, but when looking around we felt that there were a fair amount of sustainable brands out there marketing to folks who were already big sustainability advocates, and if you’re a fan of Ocean Mimic (like we are!) you’re likely already a major advocate. At Junk in your Trunks we set out to talk about sustainability with a little bit of a different tone in order to try and bring in people that may not already be supporting a lot of sustainable causes, but would be open to doing so if they were packaged in a way that spoke their language a little bit more. 

swimming trunks

Why did you join the Mimic Marketplace?

A lot of the messaging around plastics is quite grim, and rightfully so, but at Junk in your Trunks we’re not here to say it’s not okay to have fun, we’re here to say it’s ok to have fun but let’s just be sure to clean up after ourselves. 

Since our launch in June ‘18 we’ve constantly been looking for ways to live out our values in regards to pollution and we’re so stoked to be working with the Mimic Movement folks to help do our part against ocean pollution.

junk in your trunks

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