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Introducing Ocean Goddesses

Tell us about your brand

The first Ocean Goddesses collection of dresses is made using 78% recycled nylon yarn fabric. The collection started as an idea for tackling the plastic waste problem through recycled fashion and initiating conscious conversations. It has since created a movement. Women express themselves and what they stand for in the world through sensual and meaningful apparel, whilst talking about ocean pollution.

With Ocean Mimic, we can even further empower them to do something about it, with the results being that they can talk to their friends about the action they took and inspire them. For every dress bought, Ocean Mimic picks up one kilo of trash.

What makes your business sustainable?

Ocean Goddesses essentially educates people and other designers on ethical and sustainable fashion, through promoting:

  1. The importance of a personal WHY and knowing ourselves
  2. Planetary physical limits and fashion’s stake in overshooting the capacity
  3. Ethical fashion which initiatives conversations.

Ocean Goddesses is based on a three principles model, building on top of a framework developed by researchers Rebecca Earley and Kate Goldsworth called: Change the Model, Material, Mindset.


People and Planet over profit. Ocean Goddesses ensures highest possible standards for fair treatment and payment of people who manufacture the dresses. The brand supports related causes and directly supports alternative access to clothes (ie. clothes swaps).


The fabric is made using 78% recycled nylon, such as ghost nets, carpets and plastic from the ocean and landfills. Post production scraps are up-cycled to create new products and there is no waste created throughout the process. Recycling something that was waste is a tool for raising awareness of the problem and the short-term solutions. The future is exciting because of the innovation going on globally with biomaterials and Ocean Goddesses is excited to step into that field when the right opportunity comes.


Ocean Goddesses promotes sustainable consumption. With 10% of global carbon emissions coming from our closets, it’s up to individuals to make personal choices to change this. The brand supports individuals on that journey by connecting them to their WHY and highlighting associated benefits such as better quality of life, better expression of one-self and contribution to society, which can trickle down to tangible impacts individually, in their work and how they relate to our society and Earth.

Each colour of the current collection promotes a specific marine ecosystem, such as coral reefs, ocean and seaweed to help people get closer to these important ecosystems.
The Ocean Goddesses tribe amplifies the impact through inspiring each other and initiating conscious conversations with others, thus helping raise awareness.

Find out more!

You can download the 5 Steps to Sustainable Fashion Guide they published by joining their mailing list. Show your support by checking out thier website and following on instagram!

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