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Introducing Pure Design

Pure Design® strongly believes that we are human beings, individuals and not an advertising space. We use a combination of natural materials and clean design without stickers or visible logos is our vision. We believe you do not need anybody to supply you with their identity. We like simplicity in design and were always repelled by brands trying to stick their logos on us.

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Why did you want to join the Mimic Marketplace?

We are brothers Marko & Jakub, serial enterprenours and we have fallen in love with the sun, surfing, bali. We have extensively traveled and lived in and around asia. While many places are truly beautiful, we have also seen the darker side.

The plastic pollution that is highly prevalent in many areas we have been to and we have decided to do something about it. Bali is one of our most favourite places with just the right combination of kindness, surfing and good wibe and we have come to the point when believe its time to give back. We started pure design as a passion project of bringing something we like to others. We wanted our business to help people to be more sustainable, to make a positive impact and reduce plastic waste. That’s why we have chosen to partner with Ocean Mimic to help not only lower the plastic waste, but to remove some as well!

How are you sustainable?

We sell a reusable bottle which aims to replace unnecessary plastic bottles. With a functional and simple design it can be taken anywhere and used anytime. We prefer to use natural materials like steel and wood whenever possible. We do use plastic if necessary, but we always make sure that our products are made of 100% BPA & phthalate free, non-toxic materials. 

Find out more about Pure Design®!

You can find more information by visiting their website www.puredesignbottles.com or check out their Instagram page @puredesigbottles

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