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Sustainable Shopping in Canggu

Are you based in Canggu and not sure how to do some sustainable shopping? Or maybe you’re visiting and need the perfect gift for a friend back home? We’re here to help. We’ve wandered the streets and done the shopping (all for your benefit of course!). Shop local at some of our favourite stores. They’re all doing their bit, so you can do your bit for the environment.


Eco Living Bali

Based in north Kuta and open six days a week, Eco Living Bali are just as concerned about the plastics crisis as we are. They’re aiming to do what they can to protect the environment by sourcing sustainable body, home and lifestyle products. Plus, they shop local from like-minded businesses and support their community through charities.

Eco Living Bali bags with fruit and veges

They’ve got local gifts to suit everyone. From bags and natural chewing gum to dog bowls and food wraps. All of their products are plastic free. And created with natural organic ingredients, making them safe to use and kind to the environment.


Canggu Shop

Canggu Shop is owned by locals with a focus on supplying healthy, quality foods, crafts and household products. They work with local farmers and wholesalers who share the same passion for home-made quality as they do.

Canggu shop has an excellent selection of groceries. The stock is great for making hampers for health-conscious friends. If you need a re-usable container or basket for the hamper, they’ve got that too. And they deliver. You can shop local in Canggu from the comfort of your own home!

Shop local Canggu Shop from outside at night


Zero Waste Bali

Shocked by the amount of plastic pollution on a family snorkelling trip Silvija Rumiha committed to lifestyle and business changes to reduce her waste. And she opened Zero Waste Bali! Her goal is to assist and guide others to making small changes in reducing their waste. And in doing so make a big difference to the planet’s current and future sustainability.

Woman walking into Zero Waste Bali store - shop local

This is the first zero waste bulk food store in Bali. And it’s located right here in Canggu! This means you can shop local for bulk products such as grains and pulses, flours and cereals, body and haircare as well as household cleaners. Just don’t forget your container! In addition to supplying product in bulk Zero Waste Bali also stocks eco-friendly products and gift packs. And puts on events and workshops. Sustainable shopping has never been easier! What’s not to love!


Eco Bali

Ok, so the recycling centre might not be the first place you think of when you’re thinking of sustainable shopping, but Eco Bali might just be the place for you. As if their commitment to recycling and education wasn’t enough, Eco Bali have gone one step further. They’re producing and supplying a range of products that help reduce waste and support a zero waste lifestyle.

They offer upcycled glasses from bottles collected in Bali and mesh bag sets and foldable fabric shopping bags to help you go plastic free. And for people based in Canggu or nearby, you can also grab yourself some recycled roofing or a composting unit.

Recycled glasses in basket
Example of their upcycled glasses!


Paperclip People

A concept store located on Pantai Batu Balong, Paperclip People is the first sustainable stationery and lifestyle store of its kind in Indonesia. The team is passionate about environmental sustainability. They stock products created with minimal environmental impacts. Many of their products are certified by environmental non-profit organisations.

Inside paperclip people store

Inspired by the laid-back lifestyle of the area Paperclip People have a beautiful range of eco-stationery, clothing, accessories and homewares. Because they pride themselves on being a brand with a conscience you can shop away knowing you’re buying responsibly.


Markets galore

Who doesn’t love a good market? Whether it’s held weekly, monthly or at night local markets are a great source of unique products, often locally made and sourced. If you’re trying to reduce your environmental footprint markets can be a good shopping option. It’s where you’ll find farm fresh goods, recycled clothing and artisan handicrafts. Take the time to wander around. Chat to stall holders about where their products come from and how they’re made.

Around Canggu there’s a market to suit everyone. From Old Man’s monthly Saturday market to Samadi’s Sunday Farmers and Artisan market and all the markets in between, you’re sure to be able to find what you’re looking for.

It’s never been easier to shop local in and around Canggu and be eco-friendly at the same time. If we’ve missed your favourite shop, let us know here.

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