unwrapped calendar

The Unwrapped Calendar

Get Unwrapped for the Ocean

Unwrapped – the latest Mimic Project. The climate isn’t the only thing heating up!

Ocean Mimic is going to be releasing a nude calendar with plastic pinup women and men posing with pollution in 2020. All profits go to the Ocean Mimic Movement which focuses on trying to raise awareness and educate on plastic pollution around the world.

We want models and photographers from all around the world to get trashy and send us their photos. We want people to get creative with their concepts and photographic style. Huge thank you to all the talented models and photographers who have already sent in their work!

unwrapped calendar image - woman underwater
Photographer: Annika + Model: Luana


Why naked?

We chose to make the unwrapped calendar for a few different reasons. Our intention is not to sexualise and objectify women or men. Our intention is to celebrate the raw and unwrapped form of the human body while raising awareness about an important plastic crisis. Hopefully this project catches the attention of people who might otherwise turn a blind eye.

Unwrapping ourselves from our clothes is also a metaphor to show that we need less packaging in general. It bring the idea of ‘nude shopping‘ back to us.


Get trashy

Requirements of the image:

  • Raising awareness about a type of plastic pollution
  • No cosmetic airbrushing – we want to see real women
  • High quality images in landscape orientation
  • Nothing explicit – no nipples or pornographic content
  • Can be women on their own or in groups
  • All entries must be sent in by June 1st

If you are looking for ideas or inspiration we have put some down on this doc. Please make sure that you do not contribute to pollution in creating your images! Recycle your waste.

Please email images to [email protected] with the subject “Unwrapped”. Please also send a short bio about the model, the photographer and what you want the image to convey. If you have a preferred month for the photo let us know.

In sending us the images you give us permission to share the images on social media giving credit to the model and photographer. We actively encourage you to share your image on social media tagging us @oceanmimic with hashtags #plasticpinup #trashycalendar

We want the campaign to gain attention and virality. The more sharing the better!

mango moon photography
Washed Up – Mango Moon Photography
Unwrapped Calendar image
Moon Sisters Encounter with a Human Device – Mango Moon Photography


Buying the Unwrapped Calendar

We will be selecting our favourite images to make it in to the calendar. We would like to have two calendars – one with men and one with women if possible. If we don’t get enough male entries we will release a calendar with only women.

We aim to start getting pre-orders for the calendar by September 2020 so you get them in plenty of time for Christmas gifts!

Let’s save the oceans one month at a time!


Cover photo by the talented Charlie Fennick

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