The ocean & positivity ambassador Q&A blog with Rachel

The Ocean and Positivity with Rachel Luckham

Rachel is an ex-military PT who is making the transition back into civilian life. She is now a life coach and reset mentor helping others to make impactful life changes with her company Positive Prospects. Rachel says it’s all about finding what makes you happy and protecting your mental wealth.

For her, that is intrinsically linked to the ocean! She trusts in its healing nature and uses it as part of her wellness routine, encouraging others to do the same to feel the positive benefits of exposure to the big blue whether that’s in or around it.

Read on for more about Rachel’s love of the ocean and her sustainability journey …

If you were an animal what would you be?

A Hippo, I have always loved them – in the water they are just so majestic.

What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

Go on an adventure, pack my flask and get on or close to the water.

woman sitting on a sup board drinking tea out on the ocean. Wearing an ocean mimic black and white triggerfish design body suit
Ocean adventure time in the clown triggerfish suit

What is your first memory / experience of the ocean?

My first memory of the water was as a child practicing floating in the sea with my Dad. The ocean was his favourite place to be and his joy was infectious that day. I guess this was my earliest memory of how happy the sea could make people and me!

How did you get interested in sustainability / eco living and / or the ocean?

I was fortunate to grow up in a household where eco living was spoken about. I didn’t necessarily know that’s what it was at the time, but we lived as conscious consumers, living off the land and doing our best to reuse and recycle. Growing up a lot of the sustainable decisions were made due to finances and it encouraged us as children to be more resourceful. It’s funny that now people think being eco friendly is expensive when there are such easy swaps that can be made to make a huge difference to the planet and their pockets!

What do you find hardest about advocating for the ocean and / or sustainability?

Honestly, I can sometimes feel guilty, like I’m not doing enough, but to anyone who feels that way – I would say start small! The world changes with lots of people making small changes rather than a handful doing it all. We’re not going to get everything right and that’s ok.

What is your favourite place to visit?

I did my teacher training out in Goa and fell in love. Love the people, the food and I was swept away by it’s beauty and energy.

Where do you want to travel next and why?

Top on my list would be the Philippines. I daydream about paddle boarding there and would love to immerse myself in their culture. It looks like a place full of adventure and I hope to visit one day.

What keeps you motivated and inspired?

My motivation and inspiration comes from wanting to make a difference, from wanting to leave something behind to be proud of. If I can help someone find happiness, a moment of peace or joy then I’ve played my part.

What advice would you give someone reading this who wants to start helping the ocean?

Start small, think about what you love about the ocean and let that passion for drive your next steps. There is so much information out there to help you on your journey to do more. Think about what you can do within your personal space (e.g. switching to more sustainable options), then your home (e.g. raising awareness to those around you), then your environment (e.g. beach cleans). It all starts with you, you’ve got this!

Give Rachel a follow on IG on either her personal account or over on @positive_prospects for pics of her and the ocean as well as lots of positive uplifting content! There are also updates coming for Positive Prospects so keep a look out for those too …

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