Are you interested in visiting Bali for a month while giving back to the local community?

Our monthly volunteer/internship package includes training on the plastic problem, group activities and help with travel and accommodation. 

Your role will depend on your skills, your passions and what you would like to learn. We usually assign two roles to our monthly volunteers for variety. 

Examples include: school programme coordinator, local partnership manager, recycling center manager, photographer / videographer or even plastic artist! The possibilities are endless. 

We are looking for someone who is:

  • Genuine passion for the oceans
  • Proactive mindset
  • Able to travel to Bali independently
  • Happy working in a team


Depending on your role, we can share information on how to prepare accordingly.

On top of that, follow our social media, be aware of current projects’ going on and read some of our blogs on the website.

How to Apply

Please apply by filling in this form and let us know you have completed your application but using the contact form


Volunteering for Ocean Mimic opened my eyes to the difficulties we were facing with ocean pollution. Wanting to be part of the solution and working towards it together with a group of volunteers from all over the world was very fulfilling and comforting. I also made special connections and new friends.

Despite being a grown up in my 50s, I learned so much about myself in this experience. I loved the people there and Emma who was coaching us has great courage and vision. I will never forget my experience with Ocean Mimic in Bali.


Volunteer 2019


Want to give back to the oceans while having a nice walk on the beach with like minded people?

Cleanups are a fantastic way to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Most of our cleanups are in Canggu, Bali but we do have cleanup leaders elsewhere in the world. Please check out our events for details.

In Bali, gloves and bags are provided but please do check the event for details. Please click attending on our Facebook event and invite your friends!


When I do beach cleanups with Ocean Mimic and volunteer to sort cleanup trash at the recycling center, I picked up so many plastic packaging of things that I used recently or many years ago.

While it gives me a certain nostalgic feeling, it also made me realise how severe the plastic crisis is and how my individual choices, past or present, are affecting the environment.

Now by actively reducing my plastic use, as well as regularly doing cleanups with Ocean Mimic and volunteering at the recycling center gives me a sense that we can all actually do our part to end the plastic crisis.


Volunteer 2019


I first joined one of the cleanups organized by Ocean Mimic in Bali mostly out of curiosity. Then I went over and over again, took part in the Bali beaches cleanup tour and helped as much as I could – both collecting trash and talking about the issue with most people I met.

I was already conscious about the plastic and trash problem all over the world, but I learned how impactful it is in Indonesia specifically. I was happy to do my bit, collecting trash and trying to limit my own trash production as much as I can.

I think cleanups are a great way to make people aware of the problem… and also, I strongly believe that every little helps so I’ll keep doing my part!


Volunteer 2019


get involved

Curious to know the ins and out of recycling? Come help out at our recycling center to gain a better understanding of the process and help us out!

Just bring yourself and a bottle of water to stay hydrated. We provide gloves and any equipment you might need.

Our Recycle Center is temporarily closed but we are working to reopen soon! 


I have been to the recycling center a few times over the last weeks, and would happily make this a part of my weekly routine.

Why? Because it feels good and it's also super fun!

There is a huge sense of achievement when you see how much plastic you can go through in a few hours. It's good to know it is not polluting the beach anymore, and that it can be recycled into more useful stuff.

I usually go with friends, we chat and we laugh as we sort the plastic, and we get to meet many like minded people.


Volunteer 2019


Since I moved to Bali I fell in love with this place but my heart ached at the sight of the amount of plastic wastage all over the island, especially in the rivers and on the beach...

I was also surprised with the lack of recycling facilities on the island so I started to stock my own plastic wastage until I would find a solution. When I saw Ocean Mimic’s post about their recycling centres I was so thrilled 🙂

Not it is an amazing initiative for helping sorting plastic wastage here but also for helping the local community in encouraging locals to bring their plastic own wastage in exchange for rice.


Volunteer 2019


get involved - Bali Cleanup Coordinator

We are looking for a cleanup coordinator in Bali to help us grow our cleanups around the island.

Your role would include organising the cleanup events, liaising with local partners such as restaurants, getting permissions from the local government and marketing the cleanups to get as many people to come as possible!

We are looking for someone with local knowledge – preferably Balinese. The ideal candidate is organised, friendly and most importantly a people person.

Attend some of our cleanups to get a feel for how we run our cleanups in Canggu.

How to Apply

We recommend coming to a few clean ups to get an idea of how we run our clean ups and to meet some of our regular volunteers.

You can either speak to Emma at a cleanup or use our contact form.


We work closely with many local businesses and initiatives in Canggu Bali. We are always looking to strengthen these partnerships as well as growing our network to gain a better reach and spread awareness to both tourists, expats and locals.

Your role will be to work closely with local partners and grow partnerships in the Canggu area.

We are looking for someone who is organised, professional and creative.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in this role, please contact us via our contact form describing why this role interests you and why you would be suitable.

We will get back to your shortly.


Our new recycling center is an ongoing growing project with many fascinating aspects to it. We would love some help in organising the activities and improving how well it runs.

Your role will be to run the recycling center. You will liase with staff, volunteers and people dropping off their plastic. You will be assigning roles to volunteers and staff. You will also be working on how to improve the space and finding new projects to use the plastic waste effectively.

We are looking for someone who is organised, a natural leader and somebody friendly and fun to work with.

How to Apply

We recommend coming to our recycle center and to meet some of our regular volunteers.

You can either speak to Emma at a clean up or use our contact form.

Digital Marketing Volunteer

There is a lot of behind the scenes work going into sharing interesting ocean content and plastic free tips! If this interests you why not join forces to spread the word to more people?

Your role will be to help brainstorm marketing campaigns, share interesting ocean articles, find beautiful ocean content, help grow social media and website traffic and generally help with our online presence.

We are looking for people who are social media experts, creative and with a genuine passion for protecting the oceans.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, sign up to our newsletter and check out our blog to get a feel for how we currently run our online platforms.

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, sign up to our newsletter and check out our blog to get a feel for how we currently run our online platforms.

How to Apply

Contact us through the contact form explaining why you would like to help out and how you would make a good new member of the team.

get involved - lead a cleanup AND about us - timeline - world cleanup day

Ocean Mimic cleanups are not limited to Bali! We have cleanup leaders all over the world who help keep our oceans plastic free.

It will be your responsibility to organise a cleanup in your local area and then share with us how much trash you collected with a group picture!

Somebody passionate about the oceans and comfortable speaking to a group of people.

How to Apply

Join our cleanup leader group and check our cleanup leader kit pinned to the top.

Post in the group or message us with any questions or if you need any help at all.


I had done beach cleans on my own before, but running one yourself is so much more empowering. You feel like you make so much more of an impact and you get to make new friends at the same time.


Volunteer 2019

Content Creator

Are you a writer, photographer, artist or videographer looking for your latest project?

We are always on the lookout for creatives who can help us with new content. You will have a lot of flexibility and we are looking for you to take charge of your project. Of course details will be different depending on your skill.

Anybody passionate about the oceans with some creative flair!

How to Apply

Contact us through the contact form and let us know how you would like to help out. We will get back to you soon.