10 Eco Gift Ideas For Her

10 Eco Gift Ideas for Her

Christmas is coming up people! It’s snuck up on us so fast and as it’s been such a whirlwind of a year, we’ve created a list of eco gift ideas for her to help you out. Perfect for an ocean loving lady in your life or maybe for yourself! Every product is from a small business which puts sustainability first.

Now more than ever people are struggling to make ends meet. Many of us are being more careful with how much we spend in these uncertain times. It is so important to spend that money wisely on gifts people will love, which don’t do our earth any further damage and that support small businesses.

When you choose to shop small you are supporting a dream. Somewhere there is someone who has seen your order come in and done a happy dance (that’s Emma at Ocean Mimic every time!). So we want to share with you our small business eco Christmas list in the hope of inspiring you and spreading the love.

Microplastic Ocean Droplet Ring – AB Seas

Ring made from sea glass, sand & ocean microplastic - pretty eco jewellery
How pretty is this ring!?

Ocean Droplets are created from sea glass, Hawaiian sand and mircoplastics collected along beach clean ups by Alice. In an attempt to educate and spread awareness, the Ocean Droplet was born in her tiny little jungle house on the Big Island of Hawaii. These pieces are made to spark conversations that support and protect the big old blue!

We are in love. They are beautiful, unique and they raise awareness. What’s not to love! Plus it’s an eco gift which supports an inspiring woman owned business. Go Alice!

An Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle eco gift
Ocean Bottles come in a range of gorgeous colours too

On most people’s eco friendly journey a reusable bottle is high up there on the list of products which make the most impact. Once you’ve got one you don’t go back!

There are so many on the market it’s tough to choose one, but Ocean Bottle stands out from the crowd. Not only will using one lower your plastic footprint, but by buying one you will support 1000 plastic bottles worth of plastic being recycled by their partners Plastic Bank. These bottles are stopped from entering landfill or from becoming ocean waste.

The bottle itself is made from double wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel and recycled content. They are dishwasher safe, easy fill, easy clean, have an anti-leak dual opening lid, hot-cold insulation and a carry loop. The lid also doubles up as a handy cup! Of course they also follow through to the end and all the packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.

A Bamboo Toothbrush from Bambuu Brush

Bamboo toothbrushes & boxes - eco gift
Easy, but very impactful eco swap!

Have you got a bamboo toothbrush yet? It’s a simple change, but is fuelling an inspiring movement started by a British couple. Bambuu Brush are always setting high lofty goals and are making real positive change. They set a goal of #1millionby2020. The idea was to inspire 1 million people to swap away from their “normal” plastic toothbrushes to bamboo toothbrushes before the end of the decade. They did it! Now they are selling a variety of bamboo products so you can make a simple change to your life.

Mermaid Tail Necklace – Mermaid Beach Co

Whale tail necklace - eco gift
We can’t resist these shiny ocean designs!

Mermaid Beach Co put sustainability first. Creators of stunning silver jewellery inspired by the ocean, they work hard to protect the ocean and preserve it for future generations.

They are a member for 1% For The Planet and donate 1% of all revenue to environmental non-profits. Their jewels are sent in reusable and compostable packaging and follow the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle. 

Their staff also volunteer regularly on marine conservation projects including remote turtle tagging, beach cleanups and research projects. Knowledge is power and we aim to use our platform to educate and inspire others to take action to help preserve and restore our threatened marine ecosystems.

Recycled Yoga Leggings from Free Flow Active

4 women in free flow active workout gear
So many lovely designs to choose from – all helping the planet!

Free Flow Active creates stunning active wear for yoga or fitness. The fabric is made of recycled plastic and they actively support Ocean Mimic’s beach cleanups with every purchase. Every Free Flow purchase cleans up to 5kg of ocean waste off a beach worldwide.

The Founder Emily travelled to Bali on a surf and yoga trip and was absolutely horrified by the state of many of the beaches that were just completely overtaken by garbage and trash. At one point, there were plastic bags and wrappers and cutlery completing overflooding the surf. It was so gross and heartbreaking. A supposed paradise that was practically destroyed.

We understand this feeling oh too well! Support cleaner beaches and look fabulous while you work out!

Leaf Razors

Stunning and functional design giving a clean, close shave.

Leaf set out to design a better razor and ending up creating the best safety razors out there. As it turns out a better razor is also better for the environment! One of these classy razors will make a great eco gift for him or her.

What kind of difference can a razor make? I’ll let them answer that in their own words:

“A real difference. Not just the money it’ll save, the plastic it cuts out, but the act of investing in a quality product that will last. Over 50,000 Leaf Shave users will keep 1.5 million disposable plastic razors out of landfill this year. We are incredibly proud of that.”

They also package and ship 100% plastic-free and they measure, record and aggressively offset the carbon footprint of the organization. As if that wasn’t enough they also financially support climate action non-profit work (The Adaptation Fund in 2019).

Be a Wave Maker by Vera Kruithof

Be a Wavemaker book
Proud to say Ocean Mimic feature in this too!

Looking for a lovely eco gift to inspire people to become ocean ambassadors? Be a Wavemaker is a powerful book telling the stories of 24 people who are making waves in ocean conservation. 

“It is impossible to turn things around all at once or completely on your own. But if we all take small steps, together we can make a big impact. Together we can protect our oceans and all life that depends on it. When you throw a small rock into the water, it creates a small ripple. Ripples turn into waves. The 24 people in this book understand this. They are making waves.”

The Recycled Backpack – GOT-BAG

4 different angles showing the got bag backpack
They work directly with fisherman to collect the plastic that goes into each bag!

GOT BAG were the first to create backpacks made of ocean waste! What we love is that the bags are made of ocean waste that they source directly from the oceans. They have a network of over 1,500 fisherman in Indonesia who collect plastic as by-catch. This plastic is cleaned and processed before being made into the bags, with every GOT BAG recovering 9lb of ocean waste. Each production step conserves resources and follows the highest requirements for fair and social work conditions, including job safety and certifications.

Moray Eel & Cleaner Shrimp – Fin Pin Shop

Moray Eel and Cleaner Shrimp badges - Eco gifts with humour
This makes us laugh every time!

The Fin Pin Shop is a small quirky business run by two biologists, Jacyln and Yasmin. They specialise in awesome enamel and wooden pins inspired by marine life, with all sorts of species and fun sets available. You simply must take a look! One of these pins will make a great eco gift with a real sense of humour!

Some of their products donate to research and ocean conservation. Yasmin believes art plays a powerful role in fostering environmental awareness and creates all their lovely designs with that goal. As they say “Show your love for the ocean with this fintastic flair!”

Illas Cies Print – Rena Ortega

Rena Ortega ocean art - pretty ocean gifts
Illustrations making us fall in love with the ocean all over again!

Rena is our in-house artist. She is an extremely talented illustrator! If you love her Ocean Mimic t-shirts you can also check out her Etsy store with gorgeous prints and postcards. 

We asked Rena to share her story … 

“I’m an illustrator, designer and explorer of the world based in Galicia, between the ocean and the mountains. During childhood, I was surrounded by nature, stationery and illustrated books which have influenced me to focus on the details and the strength of colour painted with watercolours. My daily inspiration comes from nature and my passion for travelling, thanks to which I have specialized in the illustration of whales, fauna and flora, books, travels and maps.”

Rena Ortega

Hope you find this eco gift list inspirational, we wish we could have everything on this list! Feel free to share the eco brands / small businesses on your wish list too …

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