20 tonnes for 2020

20 Tonnes by the END of 2020

We are on a mission for the last month of this crazy year! We are going to hit 20 tonnes by the end of 2020.

December is a special month for Ocean Mimic:

  • 2017 the idea was formed and we actually decided to run with it
  • 2018 we started regular cleanups in Bali weighing the trash we collected
  • 2019 Emma set off on the Bali Plastic Tour doing a cleanup every day of the month

So, even though this year has been very different, we still want to do something to mark the occasion.

What’s the plan for Dec 2020?

It’s been a tough year for everyone. Plastic included … people’s priorities shifted into survival mode and plastic free lifestyle took a downward turn. Overall more single use plastic is being used once again and less cleanups were organised due to limits on groups. The pandemic has also lead to a whole new plastic problem in the form of single use PPE!

Let’s end this year on a high though! We have picked up 19563 kilos in the past 2 years and we want to hit 20 tonnes by the end of 2020. That’s 437 kilos in 31 days. We would love to see at least one cleanup happening every single day of December – whether it’s solo or a group. Kinda like the Bali Plastic Tour, but worldwide!

How much is 20 tonnes?

20 tonnes is approximately 9 double decker buses filled with plastic bottles!

double decker busses in a row, to help illustrate how much 20 tonnes is
That’s a LOT of trash!!

How can you help?

We are asking each of you to do your bit. Join a group cleanup, organise one or do a solo cleanup and share the weight with us. If you can’t weigh it no problem, it will inspire someone else to go out there and get their hands dirty. Let’s bring the community together!

If you’re planning to go out and clean up why not invite your local community?

Below are some of our other cleanup focused blogs that could help:

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We are also available if you need any guidance, just reach out via email or our socials.

Not sure about you but this year has had us feeling low, disconnected and helpless at times. It was a shock to realise how little control we really have. What do you have control of? Living by your values, giving back and connecting to your environment. Cleaning up our beach, street, forests or rice fields is a way to take back some control.

437 kilos more needed to hit 20 tonnes in 2020
Please do what you can to help us hit this goal – let’s end 2020 on a positive!!

Please join us! #20tonnesfor2020


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