Turtle T-Shirt


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  • Handmade in Bali
  • 100% Bamboo
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Hawksbill Turtle

Named for their pointed beak, hawksbill turtles live mostly around coral reefs. They spend their days eating the sponges in the crevices and are vital to the overall health of this ecosystem as well as seagrass beds.

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Hawksbills are critically endangered but the threats are not unique to their species. Loss of habitats, excessive egg collection, pollution and coastal development all play a part in their status but they are most threatened by wildlife trade as their shells are highly sought after to be made into trinkets.
The Fabric

Our T-Shirts are made of 100% Bamboo!

Bamboo helps clean the air. Bamboo absorbs 5 x more CO2 from the air than hardwood trees. Not only that, two thirds of the carbon is stored in the soil and root system which – unlike trees and cotton – isn’t dug up when the bamboo is harvested so the carbon stays in the ground. 

Bamboo doesn’t need nasty pesticides in order to grow well. Pesticides often contaminate rivers and oceans and damage surrounding ecosystems.

Our bamboo is super soft! The fabric feels amazing next to even the most sensitive skin. It is dense enough to keep you warm but breathable and thin so you don’t overheat. You won’t want to take it off. You’ll need one for going out, staying in and adventures. 

Bamboo is also 3 times more absorbent than cotton so you feel comfy and dry even in humid climates. It will also make you less smelly (not that you’re smelly!) because moisture can’t get to the odour-causing bacteria. 


Rena Ortega is an illustrator, designer and explorer of the world based in Galicia, Spain, between the ocean and the mountains.

Her daily inspiration comes from nature, the slow life and passion for travel. She specialises in watercolor illustration of marine life, fauna and flora, travels and maps.

“For me, work and personal life comes together in a single way of life where color, illustration, nature and my passion for travelling coexist in perfect harmony.” 

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Our Ocean Artist Rena Ortega

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